How it will be if highly motivated and dedicated coaching experts from Delhi come together to start a school, the sole purpose of which is to provide high-end focussed guidance to the aspirants to crack one of the toughest exams? Inspiro School of Civil Services is the outcome of such a team. We, at ISCS is well versed with the changing patterns of UPSC civil service syllabus and exams. We guide the aspirants to have a proper study plan, focussed approach on every subject and guide their minds to be oriented towards UPSC’s dynamic demands. In Bangalore Inspiro is the Best KAS and IAS coaching centre, Best IAS and KAS mains Test Series, Premier in Mains Writing skill enhancement Programme , Best KAS,KPSC, PSI , PDO Prelims Test Series Coaching centre.

“We teach you how less is too less and how much is too much to Study”.


To be a professional School of Civil Services that stands at the forefront of the line of institutions, which catalyse the potential aspirants to be successful candidates in the UPSC conducted Civil Service Examination. And to be an energetic / a true / a lively academic school of thought and influence on public governance that strives to develop its students into more responsive individuals aligned with human values.


In the recent time, recognizing the role of the civil servants in a changing paradigm, the UPSC have been reviewing its methods and process of recruiting Civil Servants, to improve the quality of selections. As a sensitive school, we at Inspiro School of Civil Services facilitate the aspirant’s examination preparation with a more appropriate plan, design and construct, and deliver courses and programmes which are highly reasonable for the Civil Services Exam preparation. In this order of business, our mission includes:

  • To evolve a learning culture that values freedom of thought, inquiry, expression, sharing, innovation, teamwork and dissent of aspirants in the class room, and ultimately develops the quality of real policy makers and executors which the exam demands.
  • To develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject and issues rather than simple mugging-up of information gathered at the last moment before the exams.
  • To generate a durable knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge teaching methodologies and to promote academic gain by offering flexible and state-of-the-art courses and programmes according to the need of the aspirants.
  • To provide guidance and training to the needy students to develop better learning skills and personality.
  • To provide quality training to faculty members and teachers, and to update their knowledge and skills in their fields of teaching.
  • To undertake collaborative projects with NGOs and other institutions that offer opportunities for the aspirants to have real-time interaction with academia, public and public policy makers and implementers.
  • To engage in consultancy for the generation and application of knowledge in the field of academics and public governance.
  • To develop human potential to its finest extent in our students so that intellectually capable, imaginative, ethical and people-friendly leaders can emerge in the Indian Political and Bureaucratic system.
  • To publish journal, magazines, research papers and books in print and electronic media for the wider dissemination of knowledge and useful content for the aspirants of competitive exams, activation of public interest and participation in the study and improvement of public governance.

Teaching methodology:

  • Greatest thrust on Conceptual Clarity.
  • Meticulously designed Course Plan.
  • Prime focus on answer writing practice for Main Examination.
  • Invaluable inputs for Writing Best Answers.
  • Ensuring individual Attention.
  • Quality is the hallmark of Our School.
  • Highly relevant printed Materials.